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Momentum Fitness is a locally owned Health & Fitness company that focuses on Movement-based training for a more functional and safe approach to personal training and group fitness.  Our trainers and instructors are hand-picked and have a proven record working as master trainers in their fields. Most come from the big-name fitness clubs such as Equinox, Reebok, NYHRC and Club H. Momentum Fitness offers much more than the conventional personal training experience. We look at health & fitness as a whole and strive to pay attention to every tiny detail that goes into getting you the results you want; from Injury Rehab/Prevention and corrective exercises to mobility and sports specific training and even diet and nutrition as well as Yoga, Pilates and high intensity “boot camp” style training.



What is “Movement-based” training?

     Movement based training goes beyond your basic heavy lifting and cardio and delves deep into WHY your body moves the way it does.  We start all of our training programs with an FMS (Functional Movement Screening) assessment in order to better understand any imbalances in strength and/or mobility so that we can create a customized training program that will get you moving properly and pain free.  Once that is established we can start pushing you towards your goals in a safe yet effective manner so that you can achieve and surpass any goals that you set for yourself.


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