Class Types
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    Strength & Conditioning Classes

    30-Minute HIIT!

    Madison Flotteron

    A full body high intensity 40 min workout designed for those who don’t have time to workout.  Don’t let the short time-span fool you; you WILL work hard and efficiently for every second of it!

    ABC’s of Kettlebells

    Geoffrey Hemingway - RKC Team Leader
    Come learn all things Kettlebells!  This class will focus on the Fundamental Kettlebell lifts: Deadlifts, Cleans, Squats, Presses, Rows, and Loaded Carries.  This kick ass workout for all level movements will change from month to month to keep your body guessing and your gains progressing! 

    Bodyweight Bootcamp!

    Hudson Harris

    This class starts off with a dynamic stretch, leading into a full body warm up and some type of reps/sets workout that can take many different forms using Parallettes, Rings, TRX’s and Pull Up bars along with your own Bodyweight as resistance. This class uses lots of timed rounds, partner style drills, EMOMs, AMRAPs, ladders, or just synchronized routines. Some days the workout might be more reps/volume focused, some days it might be more isometric focus. This class builds strength, endurance, and will definitely leave you sweating and pumped up. The beauty of Calisthenics training is that it is very adaptable for any level or limitations.

    Full Body Functional

    Hannah Gundermann
    Time to slow things down and feel the engagement of your muscles. This class is for the person looking for low impact movement that focuses on recruiting the proper muscles. We focus on movement patterns that serve us outside of the gym.  

    Hell’s Bells

    Marco Guanilo - Senior RKC

    Marco’s Kettlebell strength & conditioning class combines high intensity kettlebell training with mobility-based calisthenics and bodyweight movements into a challenging, fat burning and FUN workout that maximizes the participant’s caloric expenditure while, at the same time, increasing your overall flexibility and joint mobility. Classes combine both “grinds”, which are strength movements like a deadlift or a Press, and “ballistics”, which are explosive power endurance movements like the Kettlebell Swing and Snatch. The combination of bodyweight, endurance, and strength training provide maximum results.

    HIIT by Hannah

    Hannah Gundermann
    This class is sure to make you sweat and work your entire body. For the person who wants to maximize their time at the gym. Combining strength, cardio, and endurance. 

    Kettlebells 101

    Marco Guanilo - Senior RKC
    Learn the basics of Kettlebell training.
        In this class, we will go over the fundamental movements of kettlebell training in order to give you a solid base and foundation for our more advanced classes.  The class begins with a slow-paced lesson on basic Kettlebell skills and technique and ends with a light work out that ties it all together.  
    This class will cover the following movements:
    • Kettlebell Deadlift
    • KB Swing Variations
    • KB Clean
    • KB OH Press
    • KB Goblet Squat
    • KB Russian Twist
    Whether you are a beginner to kettlebells or a seasoned veteran looking to brush up on your skills, this in-depth and hands on course will leave you feeling more confident in your kettlebell training so that you can get the best out of your training.

    Momentum Metcon

    Marco Guanilo

    “Metabolic Conditioning” (MetCon) can have many different meanings, but here at Momentum Fitness we see it as a fun, rewarding and results-driven workout.

    Metabolic conditioning is good old fashioned hard work using a variety of different tools such as Kettlebells, ViPRs, Sandbags, Battleropes and TRX and Bodyweight Training. You’ll be gasping for breath and feeling the burn but you’ll also be feeling great and begging for more!

    Sandbags & Kettlebells

    Marco Guanilo - Senior RKC

    This high-intensity conditioning workout is designed to push you past your usual comfort level using a combination of Sandbags, Kettlebells, and your own bodyweight, all set to a Tabata timer. The class will help you build power, endurance and strength in a high paced 45 minute workout that will leave you feeling strong and emboldened!


    Marcus Tavares
    Marcus is an old school strength and conditioning kind of guy!  With a Gym Jones background and years as a strength and conditioning coach, Marcus draws from the vast knowledge he has accrued along the way to put together a tried and true workout that will focus on STRENGTH as well as conditioning using Dumbbells, Bodyweight, Sleds and Slam Balls for a dynamic HIIT-style workout that will have you feeling PUMPED and worked out!

    Tacfit NYC

    Marco Guanilo

    Short for “Tactical Fitness”, TacFit is a high-intensity 40 minute workout focused on mobility and endurance that combines functional strength training with natural body “flows”. The movements are designed to push you physically as well as mentally, placing an emphasis on heart rate recovery in order to better prepare you for life’s high stress environments.

    Yoga, Pilates & Movement

    Deep Dive Yoga

    Julia Chan

    Dive deep into your body with this unique class. Fuse mobility and strength techniques with intelligent sequence flows to provide a stable and strong foundation in your practice…and in life.

    Intermediate/Advanced Vinyasa Yoga

    Melinda Abbott

    A challenging Vinyasa Yoga class for intermediate and/or advanced yogis who enjoy a combination of breath work, invigorating, flowing sequences and traditional poses that will increase your physical and mental strength. Come ready to sweat! Finish feeling like you are floating on air.

    Pilates with Isabella

    Isabella Stansbury

    This class focuses on core control and full body stability, through fluid movements and breath. Pilates is available to all bodies, and adaptable for many injuries. You’ll leave class feeling stronger and more flexible!

    Mind/Body STRONG

    Gerard Thelemaque

    Build strength, mobility, agility and endurance through two 12 minute rounds of work using a variety of equipment from dumbbells, steps, resistance bands, and more – all guided through breath work! Mind/Body Strong will leave you feeling not only powerful, energized and mobile, but also more self aware and clear minded. Ending with a special core finisher, Mind Body Strong will leave you feeling centered and prepared for anything the day will bring!

    Roll + Release

    Ericka Merritt

    Ericka Merritt is a physical therapist, massage therapist, and yoga therapist. She is passionate about teaching self-care practices to help you feel more empowered and embodied in your body. She integrates her therapeutic expertise into her teaching by incorporating myofascial release, somatic movement, mindfulness, and mobility training to meet you exactly where you are right now. Her wish for you is to “Breathe Deeply, Move Freely, and Live Fully.” Learn more and connect with Ericka at